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It’s been a rough few weeks here in New Jersey.  The images and devastation are overwhelming.  Where to help and how to help is all that runs through your mind, if you’re one of the few that escaped the life changing rath of Sandy.

It’s hard to believe that the fast paced world in which I live, can come to such a grinding halt.  A born and bred East Coaster, I’ve seen my share of hurricanes and snowstorms but never have I seen anything quite like this.  While my immediate family was only effected with minor power outages (although in my house, 2 days is a lifetime!)…some in our family and friend circles were more severely effected.

My initial intent was not to write about this at all, as it seems that anything said is meaningless in comparison to the actual events.  As time passes, I realize how much this did effect my outlook on family, friends and the importance of just being “thankful”.  It’s easy to get caught up in the “gerbil on wheel” pace of life…especially here in the capitol of “fast pace”.

Located between major military bases and NYC, the daily fly-overs of military helicopters reminds me of 9/11 and constantly grounds me to the reality of the times.  I find a sense of comfort and sadness in their formidable presence.  I feel appreciation and hope when I see the many police agencies, fire departments, rescue workers and utility companies from around the country…Louisiana, Michigan, Kansas, Oklahoma, Mississippi…just to name a few, here to help us recover as quickly as possible.  As divided as this country of ours can be, it seems a tragedy shows the true community minded spirit of our people.

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With Thanksgiving around the corner, I’m giving thanks for many things…