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ImageI recently acquired this very unique Israeli turquoise and sterling pin.  The hallmarks are Made in Israel and 925, along with some Hebrew.  Fortunately, my neighbor is Israeli and helped me to decipher the meaning of the logo and translate the Hebrew.  Equipped with the basic knowledge that I needed to research further…off to Google I went!

The Hebrew translation is Bezalel.  The name Bezalel originates in the Bible. He was the chief artisan of the Tabernacle. Modern day, Bezalel, is the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design (Jerusalem) and it was the first cultural institute of the Israeli people, founded in 1906. Their focus on the arts and architecture also made them instrumental in the development of Israel’s architecture and culture.

The emblem atop the turquoise is that of Technion. Technion was the first university (primarily civil engineering) of the Israeli people and was founded in 1924 (Haifa). It became instrumental in the development and building of Israel’s infrastructure.

Combine the 2 and you get a very good picture of early Israeli culture.  My existing knowledge of Israel was pretty well limited to post WWII and I found the earlier history, interesting to say the least.

A Google search of the Bezalel brought up a few items, some of which were written as if Bezalel was the artist…and hence the confusion begins.  The lesson?… Always take the research one step further and never fall victim to your first Google search…If you believe that a name on an item is an artist, look for that artist further…what are their other pieces? Were they all of the same medium or did they also produce fine art, sculpture, etc.  Eventually you will come to the information that you need and that will do your piece the most justice.

…and learning the history along the way, is just an added bonus:)

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